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Without Books® is a division of Heritage Future—a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Dedicated to community building, our mission as a nonprofit organization is to provide our diverse neighborhoods with creative and cultural opportunities.

We accomplish these objectives through three divisions: Past ForwardPublic Podcasting, and Without Books®. Without Books® is an author-centric book initiative. Our resources support authors. We also provide access to millions of books.

Join our Affiliate Program, nominate a nonprofit for Community Building, participate in our Micro-Podcast and Video/Podcast, or recommend a book for our online Bookstore.

Launched: June 2020

Micro-Podcast: A World Without Books

Created to help writers connect with readers during the pandemic, A World Without Books, our Micro-Podcast, provides authors a platform to share stories about writing, discuss current projects, and consider life without books.

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Launched: January 2021

Affiliate Program

The online Bookstore was developed to provide financial appreciation for authors. Affiliate Authors earn 20%.

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Launched: February 2021

Community Building

Every month, 10% of proceeds from our online Bookstore also support an organization dedicated to writing and reading. 

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Launched: March 2021

Video/Podcast: Without These Books

Without These Books is a thank-you-inspired Video/Podcast. Each episode celebrates authors, books, and characters that changed us as writers, readers, and as people.

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Writing, Reading, and Breathing

Our logo, the asterism, is a group of three asterisks designed to indicate a break in writing. These three stars should remind the reader to pause, reflect, and take a breath.